Happy 21st Birthday Wishes – What to write in a 21st birthday card

The real start of life is when he reaches 21 years and realizes the responsibilities of life. On such an occasion, if you want to wish someone a “21st birthday wishes”, you will get from here the best collection of Happy 21st Birthday Wishes.

Extraordinary 21st Birthday Wishes

Happy 21st birthday to you congratulations and best wishes wishing you a wonderful day that’s perfect in every way many happy returns.
Happy birthday cheers to this new exciting chapter of yours.
As you grow up make sure you have more dreams than memories more opportunity than chances more hard work than left and moon friends than acquaintances and may you have the best in life it’s your 21st birthday image you enjoy with full of joy.
Don’t keep calm coz it’s your 21st birthday.
For beautiful daughter every time I try to define beauty you come to mind and with each new age the definition gets even better.

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Finally 21st and legally able to two everything I have been doing since 15.
Happy 21st birthday may your day be full of pretty presents for chocolates and print of prosecco.
I am so blessed to have a friend like you this comes with many loving thoughts and warm wishes I sent to you may your day be filled with laughter on this special day may the finest thing in life always come your ways.
Happy 21st birthday advice from a firework don’t be afraid to burst into this new period of life and let your light shine.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes For Friend

You have been nothing but a joy to all of us and on your 21st birthday, we wish you all the best.
Congratulations to you for your birthday remember that it is not just another year that we are celebrating but we are being grateful for this day and my dear friend it’s your special day.
My darling it’s your 21st birthday and now you are legal to enjoy your first wear.
Happy twenty-first birthday with best wishes always there are so many milestones that are fun to celebrate but none are quite as a special as this memorable day because you have now reached 21 marvelous is to be the future and Adventure full of opportunity.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes

Wishing you nothing but the very best for your 21st birthday may you be showered with beautiful opportunity is exciting adventure wonderful blessing along the way.
Hoping your 21st birthday plus all the benefits and privileges that come with it activate your expectation.
Live life to the fullest laugh until it hurts love like there are no tomorrow happy birthday my dear friend hello congratulations on your 21st birthday for you only today is a special day but because you were part of our life every day of this past year have been special for us love you, princess.
I can’t believe that the baby I was holding in 21 years ago is now an adult I wish you all the best in life happy 21st birthday.

Happy 70th Birthday Wishes

Happy 21st birthday to you think that age of 16 you are doing things that you should not do no one will really stop you now because you are twenty-first and how to have a superb 21st birthday may you have a blessed day.
Wishing you the nicest thing that life can bring your way and this is not just a birthday wish it’s meant for every day to have a happy 21st birthday.

candle light dinner on your 21st birthday

It’s magic and privilege to have you in my life looking forward to many more years to stay together with Crush love and joy happy 21st birthday my sweetheart.
Congratulations it just became lawful for you to do the same stupid things you have been doing since you were at teenagers it’s just that now you can have some help from a poisonous substance.
Now you become 21 and you are legal that sounds good now you have become my handsome charming dude.
Happy drunk and birthday when you are telling drunk on your twenty-first birthday.
May you finally achieve all the dreams that you have long been aspiring.
You are now definitely teenager no longer but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun in your 21st birthday and have the time of your life happy birthday.
You are not 21 the age Where are a lot of responsibilities are placed on your shoulders don’t night your eyebrows over the pending adulthood like back legs and for now, let life Run its course you still have the rest of your 2016 mistake that you can learn from happy 21st birthday friend.
You are you at officially expired happy 21st.
Because you are so very special you are wished a day that brings everything you are hoping for and all your favorite things wish you a happy birthday.
A birthday is a lovely flower that blooms in life garden and may that special blossom write special today.
With every passing year, I grow more and more amazed by the men who have become you are a joy to my life and so many others enjoy today to the fullest.
My, dear friend, you know what today you are 7665 days old.
Every birthday is special for everyone but 21st birthday is a bit more special. Happy 21stbirthday, my pretty niece! Celebrate this unique day in a grand way to make it unforgettable. Be happy always and keep the beautiful smile on your face.

Birthday Wishes for 21st Birthday

21st birthday to you since the age of 16 you are doing things that you should not do no one will really stop you now because you are twenty-one and how have a superb 21st birthday may you have a blessed day.
Happy Birthday to a special daughter with lots of love on your 21st birthday wish you all the best for the upcoming year.
For my lovely daughter you have passed sec 21 and 22 a wonderful age every parent dream of a child like you and I am so lucky to have you in my life.
Happy 21st Birthday! Now that you’re an adult, I can no longer force you to do things. I have to resort to nagging.

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Congratulations on your 21st birthday! For you only today is a special day but because you were part of our lives every day of these past years have been special for us. Love you princess.
Today on your 21st birthday I want you to have the best birthday party of all past years to make it special. May your coming years be jam-packed with good deeds and blessings! Happy birthday.
This birthday will bring lots of happiness and lots of new gifts in your life, after passing the age of 20, you will have responsibilities, which you were eagerly waiting for.
Today, on the occasion of your birthday, we would like to congratulate you a lot and you are no longer a child.
Many congratulations on the 21st birthday, my dear friend, today you have come to a new stage in your life, which we are very happy about.
You have grown up legally on this birthday, but please do not do any such illegal activities, but you can beer.
From the occasion of 21st birthday, you have the freedom to take the decisions of your life yourself.

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